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A Drink for the Eco-Conscious

Whisky distilleries have a role to play in kee...

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Don’t be surprised if the next drunk you meet at a bar claims that he’s drinking to fight global warming.

Scotland is slated to build a combined heat and power plant that runs on the leftovers from making whiskey by 2013. The plant will be able to generate over 7 MW of electricity (which the article says is enough to power 9000 homes.. in Scotland) by burning draff sourced from distilleries within 25 miles of the plant in Speyside and from burning wood chips. No word on where the wood chips will be coming from….

It’s nice to hear that alcohol producers at least have their heads on straight. Discover’s Discoblog chummingly notes:

“Whisky and green energy seem to go hand-in-hand in Scotland. In Fife, for example, Scotland’s largest distillery is almost done constructing an on-site bioenergy plant that will meet most of the distillery’s energy needs. And don’t forget the researchers who last year developed a way of producing biofuel from whisky by-products that could fuel cars in the near future.”