Offsetting the Largest Carbon Emitter of All Time

I think most people who try to protect our environment from the bottom up are used to hearing people say that there’s no point for us to put in the effort if the biggest polluters will still continue to pollute the planet in their exponential ways. Well, that’s an excuse that won’t work anymore….

The US military has the largest carbon footprint on the planet (apparently, the military accounts for almost 80% of US energy use… yikes), and they know it, which is why they’re now doing a fairly good job shrinking it. Yes, my friends. As with all addictions, the first step is always admitting that you have a problem.

From ClimateBiz:
“The DOD’s long-term energy goal calls for a quarter of energy to come from renewable sources by 2025. Specific examples of how the military is pursuing clean energy and reducing its impacts include:

• The Nellis Air Force Base has a solar power installation that satisfies more than a quarter of its energy, saving $1 million annually.

• The Army’s Fort Irwin, Calif., base has been designated a “net-zero plus” installation that will end its reliance on the public electric grid within 10 years. A 500-megawatt solar power plant is currently being installed.

• The U.S. Navy will launch a strike group called the “Great Green Fleet that will only use alternative fuels by 2016.”

You can also watch a video on other ways that the US military have been going green here.

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